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GameStop - Buy/Sell Limit Order "too far from last traded price"



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Yes this!

I missed several important trades that should have happened when I'm in bed at the other side of the world.

This is insane. I'm moving out of IG solely for this reason. Unfortunately it has taken a week so far to transfer my positions to another broker, and in the mean time I still can't place orders without staying awake all night watching the prices.

Absolutely unnecessary. Most other brokers have "profit taker" and "loss stop" which are very basic features. So you can even set your sell price (e.g. at 10x the current price) BEFORE you even place your order to buy them.

With IG, here I am, staying awake all night just watching the prices just so I can place the order. I'm tempted to write a program to do this... but then I'm already transferring out. Hopefully it happens soon because I'm already losing a lot of sleep :(

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