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GameStop - Buy/Sell Limit Order "too far from last traded price"



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Yes this!

I missed several important trades that should have happened when I'm in bed at the other side of the world.

This is insane. I'm moving out of IG solely for this reason. Unfortunately it has taken a week so far to transfer my positions to another broker, and in the mean time I still can't place orders without staying awake all night watching the prices.

Absolutely unnecessary. Most other brokers have "profit taker" and "loss stop" which are very basic features. So you can even set your sell price (e.g. at 10x the current price) BEFORE you even place your order to buy them.

With IG, here I am, staying awake all night just watching the prices just so I can place the order. I'm tempted to write a program to do this... but then I'm already transferring out. Hopefully it happens soon because I'm already losing a lot of sleep :(

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Also does anyone know if an existing order will get cancelled (when I'm asleep) if the market price gets outside the 20% range? Because that will almost certainly happen many times during a trading day in volatile markets.

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    • Yes I am aware that I have selected the guaranteed stop level as I have been for a while in preparation for when the live account is approved, the live account will have to use a guaranteed stop on each trade, which I think is a good idea as it reduces exposure to risk and the margin required as it is a controlled risk as apposed to an uncapped or un controlled risk. Normally the stop limit on this trade is a minimum of 8 points, in this screen shot it it is set at 30 points which has increased the required margin to $1775, when it is at 8 or 10 the margin would be around $1300. If I set the stop to 139 points the margin will increase to $17,000 or more, obviously blocking the trade with a $10,000 account fund. Thank you for your suggestion,  however it isn't because I have selected a guaranteed stop as I normally do. having given this some thought, I guess if there is excessive price volatility / uncertainty, as there is when the price is at 1.39000 the system sets the GSL very high for protection, the price could easily run away, that being said if it was hit at 139 it would lead to a massive loss, maybe $7000.  
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