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GME & AMC - Supporting the Hedge Funds ?


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I would like to pose a very simple question to IG. Whilst increasing margins to 100% on shares like GME & AMC, due to volatility, is understandable, how does restricting buys or share purchases help anyone but the hedge funds currently losing money? By restricting new purchases, existing shareholders (which does not include me) are clearly being encouraged to sell and cannot buy, which will ultimately result in the share price cratering. Am I missing something or is this an example of market manipulation ? 

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The main difference between CFD trading and share trading is when you trade a CFD you don't own the underlying share.

Therefore based on the above statement no intermediary has sold anything...

IG - can you explain why we can no longer deal CFD's in certain stock? I for one will be closing my account once my open positions are closed.

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