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How to place a market order to execute at the open? (CFD)



I want to place orders to buy CFDs at the open and at whatever market price it opens at. 

I need to be able to place the orders when the markets are closed - I'm in the UK trying to trade CFDs in Asian markets and I don't want to have to be awake in the middle of the night to put the orders in. 

I can't find any way of placing a market order to execute at the open? I must be missing something obvious. 

In fact there seems to be no option to make any kind of order unless I specify the price level? 

I have found order types in the platform deal settings: At market, Points through current and Current or better. None of them seem to effect any difference in the order ticket?





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I too would like to know if this can be done. For my trading strategy it's essential that I can place an order when the market is closed and execute it as soon as it opens at market price.

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