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  1. I was able to place an identical trade in the same market through the IG app but I've had hundreds of orders rejected all day through prorealtime. It says "The market you have requested is no longer available online" Is there some issue? Thanks.
  2. Yes we know, you've been flogging that horse for years on internet forums. 1) I'm not paying for free data 2) I'm not installing software that requires my ig login details.
  3. Both the links to the 32bit and 64bit versions of the excel sample api are broken.
  4. I want to place orders to buy CFDs at the open and at whatever market price it opens at. I need to be able to place the orders when the markets are closed - I'm in the UK trying to trade CFDs in Asian markets and I don't want to have to be awake in the middle of the night to put the orders in. I can't find any way of placing a market order to execute at the open? I must be missing something obvious. In fact there seems to be no option to make any kind of order unless I specify the price level? I have found order types in the platform deal settings: At market, Points through current and Current or better. None of them seem to effect any difference in the order ticket? Thanks,
  5. I didn't realise anyone took these things seriously do they?
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