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Question: On holding and dividend costs

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I'm looking at a new investment strategy for part of my spread-bet portfolio, but I need to better understand some cost elements to calculate if it meets my objectives, can anyone help me on these three questions
1) If I go long on US ETF symbols using my spread-bet account, how do I exactly calculate my overnight holding costs, what is the formula and variables to be able to calculate it to the penny?
2) When these US ETF's pay dividends, do I receive the full published dividend into my spread-bet account? If I don't receive the full published dividend, how do I calculate what dividend payment I will receive, what is the formula and variables to be able to again calculate it to the penny?
3) Does the answer to the above two questions change if it is UK, HK, German or Japanese ETF's/Equities or is it identical?
Can anyone help
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