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Demo Vs Live Accounts - Glitchy Web Platform



I've been trialling a demo account for the last couple of weeks and wanted to ask if it's a common thing on a live account that the web platform is always playing up. Here is a list of things that I am constantly finding wrong with the platform:

  1. Blurry candlestick charts that I have to zoom in and out of in order for them to clear up. Sometimes on a new candle (depending on time looking at it, it will flash blurry also)
  2. Trades that I enter just not appearing when I am One-Click entering a position - even when I get the notification in the top right of the screen I have entered a trade
  3. No ability sometimes to add a stop and take limit level by dragging the dotted lines to the levels on the chart I wish to set them at
  4. Not being able to close a trade when I click on it - I get a notification that says the trade doesn't actually exist or the one that does it says it cannot perform that operation right now.
  5. Timeframes I set charts to in my workspaces do not remain on these settings - I constantly have a 1 hour chart that will keep changing to a 5 min when I click away from it and back on it again.

This is for FX trading (I'm not using the account and platform for anything else). I have used different browsers, cleared my cache/cookies/history and even use incognito browser. My internet speed is checked at running at around 44mbps so it's not a connection issue either.

I'm looking for a good reliable FX broker to trade with and whilst I find the quality of other brokers platforms very good, I just don't feel comfortable executing trades on them - IG on the other hand, I am most comfortable using but the issues I continually experience, turns me off thinking about funding a live account.

Is it just demo that this happens on or is it an IG issue?


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