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Labour Day Reminder

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Monday 6th September

  • US index futures close early at 6pm. We’ll make out-of-hours prices on Wall Street, US 500, Russell 2000, US Fang Index and US Tech until they re-open at 11pm
  • US and Canadian equities, and soft commodities, will be closed
  • The VIX will close early at 4.30pm
  • London Sugar closes early at 5pm
  • US rates, Euribor and the Dollar Index close early at 6pm
  • US metals and energies, including Nymex Crude, Gold and Silver close early at 6pm
  • Brent Crude, London Gas Oil and ICE WTI close early at 6.30pm


Tuesday 7th September

  • US grain futures open at 1am
  • Lumber futures open at 3pm, livestock at 2.30pm
  • All other markets open as normal


Have a good one!

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