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  1. Client services apparently getting a few queries on this. All US markets open as normal - Brazil has a public holiday so the Brazil 60 will be shut. Cheers, Ludwik
  2. Go ahead - we don't endorse anything external, but happy for you to link. Just nothing paid for please.
  3. Morning, You can see these in platform, this post shows where: Shout if any questions. Cheers, Ludwik
  4. Still in process. Should you wish to amend your book cost once re-booked (share dealing accounts) - this link shows you how to do so: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/investments/share-dealing-and-isas/how-do-i-edit-my-book-cost
  5. As below: To all IG clients with $TSLA & $AAPL positions, we intend to book the stock splits throughout the morning. Should you see your shares temporarily booked off - please don't worry. Corp actions estimate they'll be finished early PM, but subject to change. Any questions, just ask. Have a good one. Ludwik
  6. Looks like you're trying to place a limit order on a SETSqx equity - won't work unless you're in one of the auction periods. Info below: LSE exchanges and why only at quotes is available? 1.SETS (Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service) - is the London Stock Exchange’s flagship electronic order book, trading FTSE100, FTSE250, FTSE Small Cap Index constituents, Exchange Traded Funds, Exchange Trading Products as well as other liquid AIM, Irish and London Standard listed securities. The Exchange also operates a version of SETS on a modified trading cycle that supports Securitised Derivatives. 2. SETSqx (Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service – quotes and crosses) - is a trading service for securities less liquid than those traded on SETS. SETSqx combines periodic electronic auctions each day with standalone non-electronic quote-driven market making providing guaranteed liquidity in at least one Exchange Market Size (EMS). Essentially it is a hybrid of a quote driven order book and an electronic order book. Quote driven for part of the day and at different dimes of the day there are auctions (uncrossing: 8AM, 9AM, 11AM, 2PM, 4:35PM ). You can participate in the auction as if it were an electronic order book. On our L2 deal ticket you will not see market depth so you know it’s either SETSqx or SEAQ. The strip at the bottom with the uncrossing times tells you it’s a SETSxq stock. 3. SEAQ - is London Stock Exchange's non-electronically executable quotation service that allows market makers to quote prices in AIM securities (not traded on SETS or SETSqx) as well as a number of fixed interest securities. Purely quote driven.
  7. For those not aware – swap bands for undated commodities are now visible in platform. You’ll need to add a watchlist to your workspace and un-hide the relevant columns. The values snap at 1600 BST to reflect what we expect to adjust by that evening. Naturally this means that before 1600 BST the rates will reflect the previous day’s funding. Swap bands are inclusive of a 2.5% admin charge. Any questions, please ask.
  8. I can confirm that Caseynotes is not, in fact, an employee of IG. @Caseynotes your contrubutions are very much appreciated however!
  9. Here's the JUN-JUL spread - into positive territory for the first time since Feb.
  10. Dax futures remain in auction - GXM0 indicating 10711.5 ATM
  11. Hihi Underlying spreads tend to be much wider on SA 40 futures (screenshot of the JUN futures below). We're typically 8pts round market in hours - it's likely that you'll see much wider ATM given current lack of liqudity. We will of course tighten up when possible. Ludwik
  12. Morning all, Downside price limits for US futures: At present we have hit the 5% circuit breaker. US futures limits increase to the main session levels at 1330 UK time (0830 Chicago). https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/price-limits.html#equityIndex Clients are not able to sell (either to open or close) when futures are suspended in this state. Please note this is a function of the underlying exchange. This will apply globally for all brokers, not just for clients of IG.
  13. Hihi, Are you able to provide any details (market, order type, trade size, date & time, direction)?
  14. Afternoon all, To be clear - we don't weight cryptocurrency prices, based on either client trades or positions. We don't "stop hunt" client positions. It is not in our interest to do so. Such behavior would - among other things - be harmful to our reputation, unfair, and would lead to intervention by the relevant regulator. We price our crypto pairs by taking price feeds from exchanges, and combining them into a blended price. Any given combination of feeds will ultimate produce a "best price" which we would use as our mid. This price is created by taking an average bid and offer price from our exchange price feeds, and wrapping a fixed spread around the new mid. We weight these feeds in a normal distribution to reduce the impact of a spike in any single price feed. (Very rough chart from when this was in testing to give you a visual aid). This distribution means that the feeds closest to the mean will have the largest price impact, preventing the majority of price spikes that could otherwise be caused by individual feeds. Where there is a price spike we will determine whether it is valid reflection of the underlying market- and reverse trades if not.