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3LRR - interesting investors activity


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Comparison between performance and creation/redemption of securities

1- Between 01 June 2021 and 18 July 2021:

-          3LRR value per ETP went down by 53% (from GBp 0.93 to GBp 0.44)

-          the number of outstanding securities increased by 82% (from 1,273.5 million to 2,313.5 million)

2- Between 18 July 2021 and 29 September 2021:

-          3LRR value per ETP increased by 300% (from GBp 0.44 to GBp 1.75)

-          the number of outstanding securities decreased by 57% (from 2,313.5 million to 1,013.5 million)

The change in number of outstanding securities was not the result of the activity from a single investor. Instead, it came from a multitude of investors who were able to able to detect the potential rebound for Rolls Royce stock price and decided to express their conviction by using 3LRR. Such investors managed to lock in strong profits over the quarter.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.


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