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  1. Earnings report of the week 25 october 2021 Today: Facebook Tomorrow: Microsoft, AMD, Alphabet, VISA, UPS, GE, Robinhood, Twitter. Wednesday: Boeing, Ford, Coca-Cola, MacDonald's, Ebay, Spotify Thursday: Amazon, Shopify, Starbuck Friday: ExonMobil, Chevron (petrol day 😁)
  2. Dear @SJB123 I am working at GraniteShares, you can contact us directly from our website (contact form) if you have any questions. As Anda said, all payment after early redemption has been paid already. 3SRR have been listed again on the LSE in March this year
  3. ** Earnings week ** This week, announcement from Netflix and Tesla. Don't forget the 3x Netflix (3LNF and 3SF) and 3x Tesla (3LTS and 3STS) ETPs from GraniteShares.
  4. During the "Salon du Trading" in Paris, GraniteShares got the award of the best innovation 2021.
  5. Comparison between performance and creation/redemption of securities 1- Between 01 June 2021 and 18 July 2021: - 3LRR value per ETP went down by 53% (from GBp 0.93 to GBp 0.44) - the number of outstanding securities increased by 82% (from 1,273.5 million to 2,313.5 million) 2- Between 18 July 2021 and 29 September 2021: - 3LRR value per ETP increased by 300% (from GBp 0.44 to GBp 1.75) - the number of outstanding securities decreased by 57% (from 2,313.5 million to 1,013.5 million) The change in number of outstanding securities was not the result of the activity from a single investor. Instead, it came from a multitude of investors who were able to able to detect the potential rebound for Rolls Royce stock price and decided to express their conviction by using 3LRR. Such investors managed to lock in strong profits over the quarter. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.
  6. Even more leveraged ETP short on French stocks.
  8. So cool to have FAANG Index of GraniteShares available on IG Platform as CFD.
  9. FAANG, GAFAM and FATANG indices of GraniteShares are now available as CFD with IG
  10. Here is a good example of a positive compounding impact over 12 months. pure 3x should be +177%, due to the compounding... the final performance is +240%
  11. Over three days in late July, America’s tech giants put on an impressive show. Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon.com, and Facebook had thrived in the pandemic, and their latest earnings reports hammered home the point. The five companies generated a combined $332 billion in revenue from April to June, up 36% from a year earlier. All of their profits were better than expected. The twist is that all of their stocks, save for Alphabet’s, sold off on the news. https://www.barrons.com/articles/big-tech-apple-microsoft-alphabet-amazon-facebook-stock-51629429127
  12. US Equities during Covid crash and the following months
  13. really nice article, I will share it on social media To bet on NVIDIA, there is NVIDIA 3x ETP of GraniteSharesLong 3LNV and Short 3SNV I found also this calendar:
  14. 3LNV & 3SNV - 3x / -3x GraniteShares NVIDIA ETP are one of the most traded ETP during last days. I am happy to share with you this article: https://www.thestreet.com/investing/nvidia-stock-nvda-cathie-wood-netflix
  15. $NIO Q2 Earnings ETP NIO 3x/-3x - 3LNI/3SNI by GraniteShares USD ➡️ Revenue $1.3bn (+127% YoY) ➡️ Gross Profit $244m (+403% YoY) ➡️ Gross Margin 18.6% (stable) ➡️ 21,896 cars delivered (+112% YoY) Q3 Guidance ➡️ 23,000-25,000 car deliveries ➡️ Revenue $1.38bn-$1.49bn https://ir.nio.com/news-events/news-releases/news-release-details/nio-inc-reports-unaudited-second-quarter-2021
  16. It is available on share dealing account with IG 😉 There is US and UK underlying stock with leverage, both long and short. There is also Stock Basket ETP (FAANG, FATANG and GAFAM). GraniteShares is working to create more products coming in September
  17. Investors can bet LONG or SHORT in faang stocks with GraniteShares pure play tech FAANG - GAFAM - FATANG ETP Tickers $FANG, $GFAM, $FTNG For professional investors only. Capital at risk. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/10/softbank-dumps-microsoft-facebook-alphabet-and-netflix-shares.html
  18. We will see today, if it beat the expectations... we will have a good bullish momentum 😊
  19. Week ending 6th August, top performing single stock ETPs Top long: +3x #RollsRoyce +41.1% Top short: -3x #NIO +3.7% Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Full report on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6830460946956214274
  20. NIO posting earnings on Wednesday. With tickers 3LNI and 3SNI investors can express their convictions via GraniteShares ETP Capital at risk. For professional investors only. https://www.cityindex.co.uk/market-analysis/where-next-for-nio-shares-ahead-of-its-quarterly-results/
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