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Got a Share Trading Account - How to trade in CFDs

Guest Edmund

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Guest Edmund


I have been doing share trading in my IG account. However, I wanted to try out CFDs (Options) but it seems that my current account

only is for trading in shares and not CFDs. 

I tried creating a CFD account but I couldn't see any option for it. It just gives an option to open a share trading account.

If CFD trading is a separate account, how do I open one and is there a minimum for opening a CFD account? 


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Hi Edmund

Thanks for reaching out, 

The option to add a CFD account should be available from the dashboard of the My IG page on the web based platform. If a CFD account is not one of the available options, it may mean that you did not satisfy the requirements for trading on a leverage account at application stage. We would usually require a certain level of wealth and trading experience before you would be considered for leverage. If there has been some time since your initial application you can email helpdesk.au@ig.com to request a paper based application form. 

All the best 


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