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Royal Dutch Shell Shares

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I don't understand what has happened to my royal dutch shell shares, it shows that I have 255 shares at £0, my account and profit seem to have been rolled into one. Does this mean my shares have been sold without my knowledge. Do I have to buy back at the London price of £19, when my dutch price was only £9.

Don't understand 😏


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Hi @iangoodwin2

Thanks for your query. 

Please note that Shell has had a mandatory corporate action which has resulted in the merger of their A and B lines listed on the LSE. Thus your shares were sold then rebooked to reflect the correct ISIN as per the terms of the event. Should you have further queries you can reach out to helpdesk.uk@ig.com

All the best, 


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Hi there - i have the same issue and i understand the explanation so thanks for that.  However my account is now showing an artificial profit - the cost of my new shell shares is shown as £0, and so the profit shown is equal to the market value of the shares which is not correct.  is it possible to manually show a cost basis in the shares so my account looks more realistic?


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