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. Could use some advice before 3rd attempt



Hi everyone, let me cut to the chase.

*Removed upon request*

If you could help with any of my questions below, I'd be very grateful:



Q1) What books would you recommend to get better at trading CFDs?

Q2) What books would you recommend to learn about Futures?

Q3) What books would you recommend to understand the Commodities markets?


Underlying assets

Q4a) What is the underlying asset the Natural Gas price is derived from (my best guess is Henry Hub on CME)?
Being an amateur I was not aware there are multiple gas trading hubs with vastly different exposure to world events. Not knowing this certainly contributed to my failings.

Q4b) More generally, is there a list somewhere or a method to determine the asset and market behind any given CFD product on IG?

Q5) What is the underlying asset behind the UK Natural Gas product? My guess is NBP on ICE but the liquidity is extremely low.


Market data

Q6) Does IG provide paid access to real-time quotes (Level 1) and market depth (Level 2) data for futures on commodity markets like CME or NYMEX? Because these are not listed anywhere in the Data Feeds section in Settings.

Q7) Naturally, the above makes me wonder, is pricing (bid/ask) data delayed by 10 minutes (let's call it Level 0) or is it real-time?

Q8) Does "Data is indicative" disclaimer (displayed in the bottom left corner on each chart) mean the charts can be vastly off the actual market data? Is there some sort of error rate or accuracy level that IG can guarantee?


Feel free to offer other advice as well if you wish. I appreciate it.

Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day.

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