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View stop and limit as dollar amount

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I’m use to trading on crypto exchanges where when you set your take profit and stop loss you can see the resulting amount. For example if I enter at $10 and set a take profit at $15 the platform will show me that I will make a profit of x. I can’t seem to see how to do this on IG. 

On IG the stop and limit inputs only show the value and nothing else.

Secondly it looks like I can drag the stop all the way down to zero and it does not validate which goes back to my first question of how much loss I would take if my stop loss is hit. 

I have attached an example of a crypto platform showing the potential profit and loss of the stop and limit to show you what I mean  

Hope this makes sense. 


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It looks like mine is the other way around, if I set it to 'pts away' I can see a currency value, otherwise I see the pts. See screenshot. 

Is there a way to see this in my native currency so it's easier to gauge risk? Because right now for example based on that screenshot I'd have to calculate 2.75 to CHF is let's say $4, so then if the stop is hit, does that deduct from the 'margin' amount or the 'available' amount. 



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