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Guaranteed stop loss premium an 'controlledRiskExtraSpread' field in API

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I'm looking to trade via the API, and noticed there's a field in the snapshot dataset called 'controlledRiskExtraSpread'.  Is this the guaranteed stop loss premium, so it's only applied if the GSL is triggered?  Or is it in addition to the GSL?

I'm not clear because the API documentation possibly suggest it's extra..:

"The number of points to add on each side of the market as an additional spread when placing a guaranteed stop trade".

Any help appreciated!

Thank you,



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Hi @jamesl5

Yes, that would be the premium. It is set aside when you open a trade, included with the margin. It is charged only if the stop is triggered. Otherwise it is released together with the margin back to available funds when you close the trade. 

All the best, 


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