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REST API: speed



Hi All 

I am using webAPI via python.

I realized that a REST API request of positions OR market info for one EPIC, each take between 50-100ms from an AMAZON London server with a London ping of 2ms.

Q: What is the best I can expect via web API requests? I heared that FIX API as Prime Client has better performance.
Q2: Before any order submission I need to get the market info via REST API since the min stopp loss rules and margining requirements are not in my control.
Hay anyone a solution for Q2?


2022-04-01 11_47_42-Window.png

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Hi mf2

No, but >50ms sounds too much. Especially as it is only for collecting pre-trade Info (margin req & stoploss rules)


On top there will be execution time.




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