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Trade Notifications API via Telegram Bot



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Hello, last year I made myself a little bot on Telegram to see what it was possible to do.

You must first make yourself a software that allows you to follow the evolution of your orders (and possibly place orders but it is not necessary) via the IG API.

Once this software is running on one of your computers, you create a second software (or an extension of the first), let's call this second software Robby. Robby is listenning your bot-account and can send messages to your Telegram account.

The Telegram API allows you to display a personalized keyboard on your Telegram account when you send a specific message to your bot (In fact , Robby receives this specific message an he sends to your telegram account your personalised keyboard. With your custom keyboard you send a request to your bot. This request is read by your Robby software. And indeed you can program Robby so that he sends you several messages successively that each of them is  the stream of IG API about your positions. (see "Trade Subscription" here: https://labs.ig.com/streaming-api-reference).

Of course you can close or open  orders from Telegram if you have programmed  Robby to do this.

If you have any technical questions I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. My software is programmed in Labview. Not in C# , not in Python , etc...

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