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Change to the way you adjust stop loss / take profit?

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Hello Everyone,

I have been using the IG app and web based trading platform for a  little while now, I've notice a change in the way I'm able to place a 'deal' Buy or Sell.

Before I'm (pretty sure) I used to be able to select my buy or sell 'deal' then before i clicked 'Place Deal' I would be able to adjust the stop loss / take profit sliders on the chart. Then when happy with my limits I would click 'Place Deal'. But now I have to click the 'Place Deal' button then use the on chart sliders to select my stop loss / take profit. 

I appreciate that you can set all this in the boxes under the size box before you click go, but I'm just wondering has anyone else noticed this change.? As I really liked the fact I could see the (potential) trade I was about to make physically on the screen. As I'm new to trading I was hoping someone could help me with this, or if there's a way to turn the feature back on, if i've done something wrong ??? 

Many thanks 



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