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Hidden commisions?

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Hi ive been using IG for a few weeks now and noticed really high fees. I realized they charged a quite high commission if you move  or change your order in any way, for example adjusting your buy/sell price on a limit order, adjusting the stop loss, deleting a order etc. 


Did any of you experience this and if so could you find the information about those commisions anywhere? i can only see the costs for spreads.



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Hi @Marre92

Thanks for reaching out, 

We do not charge to amend working order, nor do we change to change limits and stops. You can see our charges from the link below: https://www.ig.com/se/kostnader-och-avgifter

Unfortunately we cannot be account specific here as it is a public forum. However should you wish to enquire about charges on your account feel free to contact kundservice@ig.com or use our live chat feature. 

All the best, 


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