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Stock pricing question?


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From what I can read, IG charge a "setup" fee for new accounts? Say I setup a new account, make 100 US stock trades in the 1st month, I'm charged £1000. But in the next month if I make 100 US stock trades it's free?

So the best way to get around this is to take the £30 hit and only trade 3 shares in the 1st month?

Or am I wrong and it's actually £10 for the 1st 2 shares, then free thereafter in the 1st month?

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Hi @GodAtum

Thanks for reaching out, we wouldn't call it a setup fee for new accounts because if at any point you make less than 3 trades in a month then you will go back to paying GBP10 per trade in the next month. You would then need to place at least 3 trades in that month to qualify for free commissions in the next month. However you are correct that in your first month you will be charged GBP10 per trade on US shares and need to place at least 3 trades to qualify for free commission for the next month. See the following link for more info: https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/costs-fees

All the best, 


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