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Difficulty importing older trades in Sharesight



Hi guys! I'm having a huge amount of difficulty trying to get my older trades into Sharesight.

Sharesight Support recommended either bulk email forwarding or sending them the CSV.

I tried bulk email forwarding but it comes up with an error 'No Broker Found". I believe this has to do with being forwarded from my email address and not having IG.com as the sending address. I'm unsure how to change this.

I also tried sending Sharesight my CSV but they say they can't use it. The spreadsheet does not have the specific titles they need to be able to import, such as Buy/Sell trade, Price and Quantity. Instead the CSV has the titles, Size (includes both buy and sell quantities), Level (instead of price) and it doesn't have a Buy/Sell column at all. I guess I could change the headings and try to figure out how to separate the Buy/Sell's. I'd rather not though, surely it should be a more simple fix than this.

Sorry if this is a super newby question. I'm not great with taxes n stuff and I really need to get this sorted ASAP.

If anyone has any other suggestions on an easier way to get my taxes done I would be very grateful to hear any options. I thought Sharesight would be easy since IG is on their list but it has been quite a headache.

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