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Request to correct a Market Data Sheet ignored


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I contacted IG Client Help regarding the Data Sheet for Harbour Energy (HBR) at https://www.ig.com/uk/marketanalysis/ig-shares/premier-oil-plc-PMO-UK/prompts/DAILY on 18th October. Because the details provided still seem somehow linked to Premier Oil (PMO), the News is missing, Financials only go up to YE 2020 and Fundamentals also wrong. 

This was a FTSE 100 company until December and yet as we get to 2 months since I raised the issue nothing has been done to fix the page which I can only assume is a pretty quick exercise. I am told that there are a number of teams that deal with it which is why nothing has been done.

PMO became HBR in (so the page has needed fixing since) early 2021 (you can see the Financials were last refreshed on 21 March 2021.

Wish I knew who to contact about this (who manages Client Support) as I think the platform should have accurate data for larger cap companies and respond to customer problems raised better.

Was given an incident number in December - INC068184




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    • Sounds like you are looking at the ask price, or the mid price. I don't have access to the 10sec data at that time, but the 1 minute candle had a low at 7947.7. Ask low was 7954.7. So I guess you had a long position; in this case look at the bid price to see what is going on.
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    • I could remember what happened to Binance & kucoin. This might be another slap in the face of SEC but who knows, let's see how this unfolds. 
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