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Does anyone else keep getting the single share partial fill problem? I have had it on and off for years despite raising it with Help and trying to turn them off. I understand the premise of partial fills which can be a great idea if you are after a large number of shares which may not be able to be fulfilled at once. However, my problem has always been its always a single share that gets partially filled, not 2, 3 or 10 - always one? I can't help feeling this is a system error as I cannot believe popular shares like Barclays cannot be fulfilled to my modest order (I usually trade between £1k and £2k). It used to happen once every few months, but I've had two in the last few weeks. 

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Just had this.  On a £2 share, I have an £8 transaction charge with 1 share filled and 699 unfilled.  I was assuming the the other 699 would flow in if the price was right, but I do not expect ore than one transaction fee for a single limit order.  

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