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  1. I have an ISA share dealing account for two years now. If I download 'All transactions' and pop the CSV into a spreadsheet I can see all my trades, dividend, stamp duty etc etc. ALL transactions for the entire period. If I do a sum of all transactions, and remove the deposits (2x£20K) that I have made then this should show me how much my current portfolio has cost me. This is correct yes? It includes all trades, all fees, etc. This adds upto £23,075. My current 'Positions Value' on the dashboard shows £22,992 - so my investment of £23,075 has made a loss of around £83. Correct? So if I have lost £83, my total fund value (including cash Funds) should add up to £39,917. i.e I have lost £83 pounds over the last couple of years. BUT - the Platform dashboard says I have £22,992 on positions, and £14,913 in Funds which equals £37,905. Over £2k less than I expect to see. I am struggling to explain this. The transaction date period covers ALL transactions, so the maths should be easy. Please help....
  2. So The stock was trading at the price I had set my 'buy' at - and the limit order did not execute. I cancelled the order and then bought on quote. So I got what I wanted - but it cost me two transaction fees. And I cannot trust the limit order functionality.
  3. I have a limit order for 700 shares at around £2 each. I have just had a partial fill of 1 share which has cost me £2 plus transaction fee (of £8). I think this is a bug.... I understood Partial Fills were only where large amounts of shares were being sought. Please re-assure me that I will not get another transaction fee on the remaining order for 699 shares - or worse, 699 transaction fees as it fills one share at a time. I am very tempted to cancel the order as I cannot risk this - but as I assume this is bug, do not expect to be charged multiple transaction fees.
  4. Just had this. On a £2 share, I have an £8 transaction charge with 1 share filled and 699 unfilled. I was assuming the the other 699 would flow in if the price was right, but I do not expect ore than one transaction fee for a single limit order.
  5. Thanks for that. Understood, but... I don't understand why I didn't have a charge on a £667 order for International Consolidated Airlines Group on the LSE. That was bought on a limit order rather that a 'Buy Now' type transaction. I subsequently sold, again on a limit order and made a modest profit. Any ideas why I am not seeing the stamp duty charge?
  6. Hi, I have done a few trades now (in an ISA on the LSE) and have sucked up the 0.5% cost on all but one - where I bought only £600 worth of something. It strikes me that if I wanted to buy, say, £3k worth of stock I would be better off buying £999 of that stock three times. There would be a commission of £3 on each trade, but no tax charge. Thus my costs would be 3x£3=£9 as opposed to 1x£3 + 0.5%x£3000 = £18. Not a huge saving, but still.... Is this correct, and is this legal/ethical? Thanks Alan
  7. Thanks MongilG, This looks straight forward enough: 1-set up new login in her name 2-Provide POA form with relevant ticked boxes 3-You then convert the two separate accounts into a joint account. This then would allow me to trade and act on her behalf (within stated limitations). But just to be sure, would this then allow me to see her portfolio on the same screen, and would each trade count towards the 'three per month' to give the discounted rates. In short - could I trade seamlessly across both ISAs. Thanks
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