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Hi there - new to the IG platform.

I put an order in over the weekend for a US stock. The price was lower today (pre-market) so have cancelled the order and set it up again against the lower price. But when I try to confirm this newer order, it states "Order Rejected"... ?

There are sufficient funds in my account for this.

I Googled this and found some people have had to submit an online W-8BEN, but I also can't see where I might get this done.

Has anyone successfully been able to achieve the above, please, or know what I'm doing wrong?


- David

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14 hours ago, DavidC said:

As a quick follow up... I found the W-8BEN form reg within Dashboard > Settings. - it all looks valid, but I'm still getting the Order Rejected message...

Hi @DavidC,

Typically, this error occurs when you opt for the expiry option of Day/Daily. To resolve this issue, please select the expiry option as Good till cancel (GTC). If you continue to encounter the same problem, kindly email us at helpdesk.uk@ig.com using your registered email address. We will investigate your account, determine the cause, and assist in resolving the issue.

All the best,
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