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Created a Demo account with API access - don't see API orders in the platform




I have API access on my demo account, and I'm able to open a OTC position. The result is "Accepted". 
However, I don't see this order in de demo-platform. It seems like these are not the same environments.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot or fix this?




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that an order is accepted does not mean that it will be filled. As you are aware, after opening a position with the /otc endpoint, you will get a dealReference – described in the API as an "unconfirmed trade".

With the reference you will have to check if either a confirmation or an error message is available. The recommended way is to use the LightStreamer API, otherwise you can poll the /confirms/ endpoint. See


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Thanks mf2,

I found the /confirms endpoint. It didn't quite solve the problem. It seems that the platform is actually connected to a different account.  I used the stream-companion to get the updates of the trades.


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