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How are dividends paid to me?



Hi, I haven't noticed any dividends being paid to me. I have Meta shares, which i would assume are paying dividends, given their profitability, and a couple of other mining ones that I know will not give dividends for now. Do dividends get paid through IG? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @DocStevens,

Thank you for your post.

Yes, dividends get paid through your IG account.  As soon as we receive dividend payments for any of the shares you own, we will credit your account with the amount you are eligible for. This usually would occur on, or around, the dividend payment date. It may take a few days after the dividend payment date for us to credit your account, as the dividends are first paid to our broker which need to be cleared then transferred to IG.

The payment will be shown in your ledger statement and reflected in your available funds. You can view this and all your past dividends received on My IG > Live accounts > History.  We also send a  Consolidated Tax Certificate (CTC) which summarises any UK/overseas dividends and interest paid on securities during a specific tax year. 

All the best,



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