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Using mobile devices/mobile apps for charting

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Hi Community, 

I've just started to trade FX and I'm finding it quite difficult to use mobile apps/mobile browser to setup my charts with volume, VWAP, simple MA etc. 

I'd like to know how beginner and advanced traders have overcome this on mobile...Or simply share your experiences with charting on different devices (e.g. mobile and desktop). 

Do you think charting on mobile app/mobile devices could become simpler? 

Thank you for your help 

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On 19/08/2023 at 07:38, SandySouth said:

share your experiences with charting on different devices (e.g. mobile and desktop).

In my experience as an advanced trader, I have avoided trading on mobile devices for several reasons:

  • Wireless routers are either manually set to a specific channel or automatically scan channels in an attempt to avoid interference. I have monitored wireless connections and seen connection speed go down to zero. To me, this is like rolling the dice.
  • A wireless device that loses WiFi will generally default to a mobile data connection. Mobile data connections rely upon cellular towers or satellites. If a data connection goes down to zero, there goes the signal again... searching for a nearby tower or satellite.
  • I've toyed with Bluestacks, a Windows based Android emulator. Bluestacks supports multiple instances of itself which in turn, support multiple phone profiles and  versions of Android. I've found that many Android apps are only fully compatible with specific Android versions. Did any given developer have my version in mind? Who knows.
  • I do want to monitor my trading regardless of where I am, so I do. I have MT4 Mobile on my phone which I only use to receive notifications of all transactions and trade server reconnects from my desktop MT4 platform. I'm never too far from my desk but if I were, the mobile app would be a last resort at best.

Hope this helps.

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Also, my desktop pc is hardwire connected by a shielded ethernet cable to my dual DSL modem that is fixed at a speed of 1000 Mbps. There is no interference on that shielded cable, even though I have unshielded cables running out to a TV in another room and 5 outdoor security cameras that do get intermittent interference.

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