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  1. Haim Bodek is still at it... providing trading regulatory consulting including expert witness testimony: https://haimbodek.com/
  2. Unfortunately, I don't believe it's possible to change your time zone without a third party platform. I trade with an MT4 platform where the time zone is determined by IG's data/trade server, but there are numerous custom time scale indicators for MT4. The issue was discussed at:
  3. This is 10,000. This is 1000. 10,000 divided by 1000 = 10. If you adjust your lot (or contract) size proportionally to your starting capital with the same leverage ratio as demo trading, you would be earning 1/10 of your demo profits (subject to live admin fees, rollover fees, etc).
  4. For a US SEC regulatory update (about 10 years later), see the proposed amended SEC rule at: https://www.sec.gov/files/rules/proposed/2022/34-96493.pdf (Disclosure of Order Execution Information).
  5. You might try emailing the IG Help Desk with your name, address, and phone for faster service. Just look in the Contact link on the IG site. Hope this helps.
  6. As no one has replied to you, I suspect that there is no solution in the platform that you're using. As "any advice," you might want to look into MT4 which supports saving and loading multiple overall Profiles and multiple Chart Templates. Hope this helps.
  7. Thank you for acknowledging interest in my reply. I believe it depends upon a given trader's strategy and preexisting method of placing orders. For example, simultaneously manually trading a basket of instruments could be daunting... especially if those instruments were in different markets and/or different trading platforms. It would certainly be easier to simply bark out, "Buy 1 standard lot of spot EURUSD at market price and sell 5 contracts of EURUSD futures at market price!" Having said that, I would want a voice assistant to operate at least with the speed of ChatGPT. On the other hand, an auto-trading algorithm (bot) can send an order before a trader can say, "bot." Truth be told, this is how I actually trade. Also, manually trading a single instrument in a single market and in a single platform by way of one click or hot key is likely tough to beat. Everything has its costs and benefits, of course. In 2012, a professional quant (or quants) 440 million USD due to an algo error: https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-19214294. Professional hot key traders have fallen asleep at the wheel and lost tens of millions as well. I haven't heard of any voice assistant errors... yet. I've actually completely avoided trading on mobile devices. What I do use a mobile device for, and why I don't trade with it is posted at: I don't believe that implementing voice assisted trading will solve the wireless connection integrity issues posted in that thread. I hope some more traders will reply to this thread if they have a real solution.
  8. Compliments of ChatGPT (or as I like to call it... SkyNet🤖: Certainly, let's calculate the value of 2 standard lots of GBPJPY: Exchange rate of GBPJPY: 184.83 Exchange rate of USDJPY: 145.84 Number of GBP (2 standard lots): 200,000 (100,000 GBP per standard lot * 2 standard lots) Value in JPY = 200,000 GBP * 184.83 (GBPJPY exchange rate) = 36,966,000 JPY Now, let's convert the JPY amount to USD using the USDJPY exchange rate: Value in USD = 36,966,000 JPY / 145.84 (USDJPY exchange rate) ≈ $253,242.24 USD So, with 2 standard lots of GBPJPY, a GBPJPY exchange rate of 184.83, and a USDJPY exchange rate of 145.84, the value would be approximately $253,242.24 USD.
  9. Also, my desktop pc is hardwire connected by a shielded ethernet cable to my dual DSL modem that is fixed at a speed of 1000 Mbps. There is no interference on that shielded cable, even though I have unshielded cables running out to a TV in another room and 5 outdoor security cameras that do get intermittent interference.
  10. I wouldn't try to glean much from a 3 second stall in price movement... Not without access to the broker-dealer's order book anyway. You seem to have discovered a market anomaly. If the anomaly repeats itself over time, maybe set up an OCO order (one cancels the other) around the stalled price level. You'd have to be pretty quick on the draw though.
  11. In my experience as an advanced trader, I have avoided trading on mobile devices for several reasons: Wireless routers are either manually set to a specific channel or automatically scan channels in an attempt to avoid interference. I have monitored wireless connections and seen connection speed go down to zero. To me, this is like rolling the dice. A wireless device that loses WiFi will generally default to a mobile data connection. Mobile data connections rely upon cellular towers or satellites. If a data connection goes down to zero, there goes the signal again... searching for a nearby tower or satellite. I've toyed with Bluestacks, a Windows based Android emulator. Bluestacks supports multiple instances of itself which in turn, support multiple phone profiles and versions of Android. I've found that many Android apps are only fully compatible with specific Android versions. Did any given developer have my version in mind? Who knows. I do want to monitor my trading regardless of where I am, so I do. I have MT4 Mobile on my phone which I only use to receive notifications of all transactions and trade server reconnects from my desktop MT4 platform. I'm never too far from my desk but if I were, the mobile app would be a last resort at best. Hope this helps.
  12. I believe that options were made for hedging (see https://www.investopedia.com/articles/optioninvestor/07/affordable-hedging.asp). I would look into Natural Gas Options.
  13. Be careful, @Speedbird168l. Most jurisdictions (countries) require certification and/or licensing order to provide live trading advice, and direct control over trading others' capital is beyond mere advice. The US NFA, UK FCA, and EU EFPA all hunt down illegal advisers and brokers. This is why Metaquotes clearly states that all mql5 Market products are for demo trading only, and MT4 and MT5 allow client side switching between demo and live accounts. They walk a fine line but its within a legal loophole. As most broker-dealers maintain distinctly different action requests for live API access versus demo API access, and if you handle the type of action request for other traders' accounts, this would be risky at best. The mql5 Market supports a Signals Service, again for "demo purposes." You could register as a Seller there, and pipe your script's actions into MT4 via a bridge (say, via Python), code a system library within MT4 to directly connect your script to MT4, or embed your script into a MT4 Expert Advisor. Of course, all of this assumes that you're not already certified/licensed. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this post may be construed to be legal advice. The poster is not a licensed attorney. For legal advice advice regarding any specific situation, you should consult a licensed professional attorney in your jurisdiction(s).
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