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What does the future hold for metaverse projects?

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The current bear market has caused many investors to lose interest in cryptocurrency and resulted in decreased interest in metaverse projects. This bear market is expected to be one of the worst in cryptocurrency history. However, it also presents an opportunity to make significant profits in the upcoming bull market, which is closer than ever, thanks to the upcoming BTC Halving.
Despite the previous interest in the metaverse, its potential is yet to be fully realized, and we are likely to see an increase in interest in metaverse projects in the upcoming bull market. There are still a few metaverse projects that are actively building, and one such project is Minati. Minati aims to create immersive and interactive virtual experiences where users can play games, own virtual assets, and monetize virtual land. It has its own metaverse space called Minativerse, which is an evolving virtual world that allows users to purchase and own virtual land and build within using creative tools.
I have noticed a problem with the project. It seems that a large portion of the supply is allocated to exchanges, with very little going towards development. In my opinion, the development of the project should be the top priority in order to compete with other metaverse giants in the crypto industry.
You can research the project and share your thoughts on it, as well as your opinion on the future of the metaverse.
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Beyond MINATI, metaverse projects are the initiator of AI into the blockchain ecosystem so, I think they have great potentials in shaping the crypto and web3 community at large. And that's because they integrate NFT, metaverse, AI, VR, AR and digital currency in a unique way. By the way, Once liquidity is provided and the crosschain ability is integrated to these metaverse projects, I believe they could be the luxury of crypto space in the near future since exposure is been provided already by exchange listing on Uniswap and BG

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