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Today on IG is the news article “BREAKINGVIEWS – Why an economic soft landing may prove elusive”. It backs the likely hood of a very poor global economy.

However, if you think that the UK will be bad or worse than Europe or USA than think again. Each will have their own troubles which arises from the same primary source that I have discussed in my article here at IG – see my blogs.

Bernard Connolly, economist, his book:  “The Rotten Heart of Europe”, critiques the European Monetary Union. He lost his job with the European Commission as a result. Vested do not welcome alternate views or solutions. His latest book:   “You Always Hurt the One You Love: Central Banks and the Murder of Capitalism”

Breakingviews / Reuters article statement today says:

“Another financial crisis is not far away, in Connolly’s view. When markets collapse, the central bankers will return to their old ways, cutting interest rates and boosting asset prices. Under those circumstances, long-dated government bonds should provide the best protection for investors. For example, U.S. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, whose face value rises in line with consumer prices, currently yield around 2.4% for a security maturing in 30 years. That’s a fair return in normal times and could prove an outstanding investment if Connolly’s analysis turns out to be even half correct.”

This is likely to happen sometime in the near future. The Bond Markets reacted by a interest rates just recently – US 30-year bonds at 5%+ for the first time since the 2007 recession. Apparently the mainstream professionals were surprised!!!!

So, it should make you wonder why is it surprising? My article goes into that:   “INVESTMENT MARKETS – Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future”. And also, “The Way of the Markets”  article.

Edward Chancellor’s book:   “The Price of Time: The Real Story of Interest”.

And also the book by G.-Edward-Griffin,   “The-Creature-from-Jekyll-Island”. The later book really gives the true background of the banking model and practices of the central banks and why it will fail with boom and busts.

Also, for those interested in knowing how the Soviet Union's (old Russia),  European Union's and the FED's accounting system work would do very well to read the book:

"How The Euro Dies" by Nick Hubble. The factual data gives the an understanding how this currency operates.

Mainstream professionals will continue to ignore the facts, and the truth as it means they do not like to change or give up their incorrect models and theories. So long as the professionals and governments do not wise up or wake up from this "do not rock the boat" attitudes, it will continue to cost us all many many trillions globally and harm every country.

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