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Problem with adding guaranteed stops to an existing position on a Professional Account




This problem started on Friday. I have reported it to my account handler, but there has been no resolution.  This problem only applies when adding a guaranteed stop to an existing position which locks in a profit - not when opening a position with a guaranteed stop, which seems to be working properly.

The problem is that instead of returning margin, it is deducting margin.

Eg. I am short at 15141 on the US Tech.  I tried to place a guaranteed stop in below this level (say 15130) and it should return £32 in margin as it says. But instead, it is deducting the margin and allows you to go on margin call. So for example, say I had £10 available, when placing the guaranteed stop, locking in a profit it puts me at -ve £22 (ie on margin call), which is clearly incorrect.

This seems to be happening on all instruments.

Please can you rectify this with urgency.

Thank you


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