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Navigating Option Chains on IG API



Has anyone found an better way to navigate the option chains on the IG API?

To give an example, the Hierarchy id for all US500 options is 346003 (https://api.ig.com/gateway/deal/marketnavigation/346003).
The nodes for this are option expiarys,  so far so good.  For example "DEC" currently has node id: 407780127
However the nodes for 407780127 are then (annoyingly) groups of strikes "1251-1500","1551-1600"...   ..."5501-6000"
If I want to pull the option data, I need to loop over all the strike groups (over 20 of them!), and this very quickly runs up against API usage limits.

TL:DR Is there a simpler (single call) way to get option price data for a given expiry, like it is provided from the web front end (all prices, puts and calls, by strike)?

Bonus question:  Has anyone figured out the naming convention for monthly Index Option "epic" ids?: 
(as of 25-Oct-23)
US500 DEC-23 4075 Put ==  "OP.D.SPX5.4075P.IP"
US500 MAR-24 3500 Put == "OP.D.SPX2.3500P.IP"
US500 JUN-24 2800 Put == "OP.D.SPX3.2800P.IP"

is there a convention OP.D.SPX{n}......  where n = ???

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