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Bitcoin Unveiling: The Revelation of Bitcoin as a Sacred Phenomenon.

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BTCitcoin has been the subject of digital archeology due to its mysterious invention, and we are pleased to reveal that the origins of BTCitcoin's invention are found in the Bible. Our aim is to liberate Bitcoin from the myth of its origins as “out of thin air” or “out of thin air.” Bitcoin is a permissionless, shakeless, peer-to-peer decentralized electronic cash system that invented cyberspace's native layer of value. Bitcoin is a package of transactional energy bundled into blocks, arranged chronologically, cryptographically interlocked, and wrapped by cryptographic hash functions to form matter or energy (such as digital gold) in cyberspace. . Therefore, contrary to the popular narrative, scarcity does not give Bitcoin its value, but rather its price.
      The book of Ezekiel the Watcher is one of the closed books of the Bible. Ezekiel was one of the greatest men on earth. Through the scrolls he eats and the higher consciousness he gains, he ascends to the command of a being known as the Watcher. According to legend, he was the teacher of Pythagoras himself, and this revelation indicates that this observer is the consciousness and personality behind Bitcoin. This Observer book begins an interpretation of the origins of Bitcoin invention.
The book Ezekiel the Observer defines Bitcoin as a seller-to-buyer financial system that does not allow the seller to return what he has sold, even if it is there. A vision resonates with everyone within it. The above sentence is a codeword written in the white paper that defines Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer network that solves the problems of double spending and transaction reversibility, and is also a decentralized system.
      As God's divine command to the Watchers, we see the Watchers create a chain of financial systems and keep track of everything. A block is just a bunch of transactions, and the term blockchain refers to a chain of cryptographically linked transactions arranged in chronological order. If you perform block analysis on some important blocks, you will find that God's messages are encoded in them. The first block in the chain, the Genesis block, encodes the message to Coinbase: "The Times, January 3, 2009, Prime Minister on the brink of second bank bailout," and below that, "Israel prepares to deploy." Don't forget that there is another hidden heading called "Medium". Amazingly, 15 years later, history is repeating itself and we are in the midst of an endless cycle of money printing by banks. With the second redemption, we are in the era in which Israel is currently operating. What many people may not know is that there is an encrypted message in block 666,666 or the Apocalypse block. Bible.
      We have all the evidence that Bitcoin has always been a sacred phenomenon. Read the full article titled “What Bitcoin Is”. This is one of the most innovative papers on Bitcoin since the white paper was published 15 years ago.

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This is actually quite fascinating the way you traced the origin of BTC back to the Bible. But what didn't seems to add up is the part where you included "encoding to Coinbase". Does it mean Coinbase was the first exchange to learn about Bitcoin? I would say NO. 

For many people, crypto is the revolution that has come to stay and might be the beginning of a better society where balance of wealth can be achieved naturally.

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