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Hello people,

First a big hello since I am new to the forum. Hello then.

Straight to the point. I am open on DAX and MIB 40. Good rally up this morning (so far).

Now (9:47) I have opened counter short positions because I think there will be a pull back.

Am I too compulsive? (just a rhetorical question, I know I am).

I think is a strategy that might have it's good points: now whichever way the market goes I will win some. Now (9:57) both indexes have definitely lost impetus. The bad points are that balancing the act remains a difficult task to gage.

Please feel free to make any critical comment as I think believe that is better to hear the harsh truth to get ahead.

Thanks for the advice. 

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Guest oilfxpro

This is really gambling  as opposed to trading.This can be a long discussion, but I don't have appetite for it.


Imagine going to the casino and betting red or black, what is the difference here? Are you trading or gambling?

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