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Platform Technical Issues 05/02/18 - 20:10 - 20:20 GMT



The platform as many will have noticed experienced issues last night.  It was confirmed from a member of staff to me today that it was experiencing issues between 20:10 and 20:20 last night on the 5th of Feb.  This of course was during the spikes of the VIX etc.


I found myself in a situation where I had a position that i needed to sell at that time and was unable to subsequently incurring a far higher loss when i managed to complete the trade at 20:17 having tried 3 times prior.  The problem arises where I've reported this to customer support today who in essence told me I was lying (the manager I subsequently spoke with was a little more tactful) and said the system didn't show any failed transactions.  


I've challenged them on this as I don't believe I can be the only person who found this to be the case last night in this time period.  These orders did not make it to filing as the pop out buy/sell window simply failed after a long lag each time with a short error message which sadly I didn't get a screenshot of in my haste.


Has anyone else encountered issue the same or similar as myself?


Has anyone from the IG side of things seen any further information on this as the day has progressed today?

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