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Sync issue forces all windows to close

Guest Mr-Yellow


Guest Mr-Yellow

I reported this to helpdesk however due to it being a sync issue and having no clear steps to duplicate, and because the individual support person had not received any similar reports I was told it would not be forwarded on and no ticket would be created for developers. 

So instead I am forced to come here and make a noise.

The site has a async/sync issue where if a browser crashes (something the javascript code involved can do often enough) then the backend is left in a state where it breaks the sites UX.

* Crashed tab
* Click Chrome button to restore it.
* "Platform" tab is insta-closed
* "Open platform" results in a tab opening which is insta-closed.
* No further action can be taken in the system without first logging out and in again.

> it was originally developed that the platform could only be open in one tab per browser

This is entirely inappropriate for any website. I manage my tabs and windows in my browser, no site should interfere with the normal functioning of a web browser.

This is the antithesis of good UX.

> Unless it is something that can be replicated we are unable to raise it as an issue.

Being a sync issue I would require your full dev environment to build a system which could duplicate such a **bug**. This obviously is not something I can do, so demanding duplication of such a sync issue is not productive in any way and does not lead to any improvement in the IG systems.
Please open a ticket so the developers can be made aware of this actual issue in their system.
I'm sure they know that this kind of code is always a bad idea but someone in middle-management through they were a genius. Unfortunately said genius is not a UX expert and has messed up your system.
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Guest PandaFace

My bad. Was thinking about flash charts vs html5 charts whilst talking about scripts *facepalm*. Apologies. 

Point stands. 

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Guest Mr-Yellow

Thankyou for taking this seriously and fixing the UX failure of trying to track tabs in backend.

Now they open in the same window like every other website. Awesome.

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Guest PandaFace

Why are you not using the new platform? That should be html5 rather than JS. 

Also it’s likely to only offer one tab and auto close any attempts at a second for a number of different reasons, many of which I believe you have no idea about. 

To be frank I’m always curious as to why a single individual seems to think that have a better grasp of things over a multi billion pound company with hundreds of devs working on it...

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Guest Mr-Yellow

html5 rather than JS


auto close any attempts at a second

Yes. If the backend state gets out of sync with the actual browser state then this functionality instead closes any new attempts to open a FIRST "platform" window.

 you have no idea about.

Oh the irony.

> To be frank I’m always curious as to why a single individual seems to think that have a better grasp of things over a multi billion pound company with hundreds of devs working on it.

Devs need user feedback or issues like this remain undetected.

Thanks for your valuable contribution.


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