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Apple and it's new range


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What are peoples thoughts on the apple event yesterday? for me there wasn't anything which really blew me out the water - and I know we're not in its prime cycle and more in a mid-session cycle - but it was a bit of a bore. They should probably look at significant diversification out of the iPhone if they're looking for the next leg up (to borrow a phrase from trendfollower!)

I can see why the sell side analysts where happy with the event. Was a bit yawn. and basically no media coverage beyond the basic mention as far as I can see. No one is talking about this and it's come and gone in the wind.

As price point goes, I think I'm going to wait and hope my phone lasts another year before looking at moving on. And even then nothing major that I want outside of the X ... but then I said that last year with the previous iteration (and few  few years prior too I guess).

This was an interesting take from ZH







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