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PRT Auto-System - Only pushing through 1st Trade ( & not subsequent)



Hi -

The issue.


I'm running this on a demo a/c.


Auto Trade sends the first order to IG Demo a/c but not subsequent orders although they are listed on the PRT order list ?


Not sure if it's a setting on PRT or IG


All suggestions greatly appreciated,


Many Thanks



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Guest DanC

Hey ,


Glad to hear you were able to solve the problem. Would you be happy to post the answer below, just in case any other members are experiencing similar issues or looking for help with ProOrder?



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Hi Dan,

Just noticed your reply on this. I tried to post some screen shots but kept getting error messages.


The solution is that when you go to launching an Auto Trade - there is a small box at the bottom that asks

for maximum trade size.

This could be interpreted as maximum stake per trade (as I thought it was) but it isn't actually this.

It refers to the number of actual trades.

So if you were launching an Auto Trade that traded 2PP and the code added to this position subsequently ,

you need to ensure that the number in the small box is >2.

So for example if you added 5 trades all at 2 PP  = the number in the small box needs to be 10.


Hope you followed this !

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