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What Charting package to use wtih L2 Dealer



Hi Team,


I trade using the L2 Dealer platform. The standard in-built charting facility seems fairly limited. I do like the ProReal Time Charts however it does not seem to be compaitbale when I load up ProReal Time Charts with L2 Dealer.


Does anyone have any suggestions or what they use rather than the standard charting facility built into L2 Dealer?





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Hi ,


I can run L2 and PRT at the same time. I can even start PRT from within L2 (not that you need to).

Also, the "tick" charts are the same (I believe) as the web platform charts WRT functionality, etc. Even the annotations that I made in the web platform show up in L2 - in fact, I think they simply call the web platform charts from L2.


Hope this helps! Maybe contact the IG helpdesk if you still have a problem.




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