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Afraid of trading ?

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Good point 

fear of taking a trade only comes about through not having confidence in your system or your ability to stick to the rules of your system. The only way to get confidence is to keep a record of your trades and see that over time your win rate verses risk/reward are profitable (if the record proves they are not only then change your system). A simple spreadsheet journal will automatically calculate win rate and R and there are a few free downloadable ones if you search google. If that is too much, start off by taking 3 screenshots of each trade (entry, exit and post exit) to analyse as suggested in a fulsome review of the fear problem in the article linked below.



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Good article , you don't know what you don't know til it's too late and you have blown your account. But there is a short cut, as mentioned in other threads, start small (both in position size and number of set ups you use to trigger an entry), practice the entry and management of these few setups until your journal is showing a profitable strike rate verses risk/reward ratio over 30 odd trades. Solid proof is the ultimate confidence boost to start increasing size. Most people do it the other way round, start at full size and reduce as their account diminishes through the learning process.

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