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  1. i've learnt the lesson after locking my account lol
  2. I have tried to make my password stronger, I'm using Lass Pass which offer up to 99 characters password but it looks like the platform doesn't accept more than 20 characters ???
  3. IG page doesn't fit fully in the browser, tabs Orders and Positions are not at the bottom anymore only as a new tab at the top, on the bottom I can't see the NEWS tab and Date frame is also hidden.
  4. I wish to see this the history more clear when I download. That csv. are so unclear to read.
  5. I wish to be able to open a position at specific time like 00:00 or at the moment when the market starts moving after 00:00 AM for example.
  6. my example was on split window with 2 different timeframes ...my point was that both windows act like one(i think that the whole page has to be refresh)
  7. BUG: I have draw green line on daily chart but it doesn't appear on 5 min
  8. Interesting links thx. In Scandinavia people are always first no wonder they have such a brilliant ideas even in finance world. Regarding education, IG could expose (interviews with them ) there best traders, there ideas and the way how they trading that will give us more the insider look One of my favorite channel on YT is https://www.youtube.com/user/ukspreadbetting/videos I like the interviews with different traders, you can learn so much from them just by listening how they trade, there ideas, bad and good days how they get to the point of be confident to trade full time etc....some of them they have extreme approach to trading, different what the book says and I find that interesting. Those traders talk real, they not YouTube always profitable salesman's. You can learn fundamental and technical from many sources but to have a chance to meet real trader is a different story
  9. I wish that IG will act like a normal bank and provide me with normal account(safe and with debit card) where i can keep my money get some interest on top of it and still be able to use that money for trading anytime....if you want keep all of my savings it have to be beneficial for both of us somehow. Keeping money in the normal bank is a waist of time/money i think is better to risk/learn/trade and having the control of your money rather than trust someone and hoping for profit. You can't beat the feeling that you are in control of your life, money and your future. IG should work more with psychologist and how to change the mindset of a normal person...you can not attract people by saying "do you wanna be rich" ? just trade....You need to convince people that they can take the control of there life, there actions, be able to change for better even if you sometimes take a loos , life is about constant risk sometimes lower sometimes higher but we need to be in control of our actions. I know it sound like motivation speech but you need to hire psychologist who can dig more in to human nature and give your some better ideas, trading platform is just a tool you need act more like a teacher and motivation guru
  10. Today I was live on the new platform and had big issues, I wrote to helpdesk@ig with my print screens what's happen, still waiting for respond. 1. I have open my Gold long position, it didn't appeared on the screen( there was no blue line like usually showing my open position on the chart) only in Position tab on the bottom of my screen 2. i choose limit target 10 points above but it become stop loss 10 points WOW...my stop los was only 2 points (u can see on the screen shots) 3. when i have tried to close position i couldn't i had errors...it let to my small losses 4.in Recently closed it was showing that i have closed position but in the tab POSITIONS was still showing the position running...so messed up..pls fix it the bugs
  11. sorted out... java plugins were off after installation
  12.  after last update of Safari Version 10.0 (11602. made by Apple the charts are messed up  i can't zoom in out etc..
  13. If you have problems to enter market and trade because of psychologic barrier thats advise for You from my psyhologist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsuPW_69uYc