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Can anyone get t his to work consistently?

I just get procrastination from the IG help desk. They have listed a number of things: poor internet, user error. They have suggested contacting my Internet Services Provider, which of course will just bounce the problem back. The only thing the help desk haven't done is anything in fact or admitted that there are any problems at their end. I can certainly watch the broadcasts live, but I sometimes miss the first few minutes but can't get it back no matter what I do. 

Any ideas anyone?


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    • Since the crypto ban took effect on February 5, 2021, the Nigerian government's actions have seemed off-target. Initially citing concerns about money laundering and terrorist financing, the decision to restrict commercial banks from processing crypto transactions has failed to produce the desired outcomes. Instead, it has inflicted significant financial losses on both banks and the country, diverting funds that could have fueled peer-to-peer (P2P) operations. Despite Nigeria's reputation as Africa's leading crypto hub and a top 10 global player, the government's attempts to curtail crypto transactions appear futile in the face of widespread adoption. This latest move seems to be yet another miscalculation. The decision comes across as callous, particularly considering the positive impact of crypto on the lives of many unemployed graduates. A more constructive approach could have involved allowing commercial banks to operate within a regulated framework, but such solutions seem to be disregarded. The suspension of exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken raises eyebrows: Why target these particular platforms? Why not others such as Bitget and Kucoin? These disparities cast doubt on the government's motives and decision-making process, further fueling the ongoing debate.
    • In today's interconnected world, artificial intelligence (AI) has become integral to various sectors, transforming industries such as education, healthcare, finance, and sports with innovations like VAR and goal-line technology. However, the fusion of AI and cryptocurrency has led to the emergence of groundbreaking projects driving innovation and adoption forward. One such pioneering platform is Autonolas, which sits at the convergence of AI and crypto. Despite being underrated, Autonolas has experienced remarkable growth, with its value soaring by 6242% from August 2023 to reaching an all-time high of $8.47 last month and now trading above $5. What distinguishes Autonolas is its multifaceted approach—it's not just a cryptocurrency but a unified network of off-chain services offering automation, oracles, and co-owned AI. This unique combination enables users to execute complex logic in a decentralized manner, seamlessly interacting with both on- and off-chain data. A notable application of Autonolas's technology is Governatooorr, an AI-enabled governance delegate for DAOs, underscoring the platform's versatility and potential impact. Ranked #235 with a market cap of $260.5 million and a fully diluted valuation exceeding $2 billion according to CoinGecko, Autonolas has the potential to surprise investors during the upcoming bull run. Furthermore, with the prospect of listing on more top-tier exchanges like Bitget, the project is poised for further growth and recognition. In a landscape where innovation is paramount, Autonolas stands out as a beacon of possibility, bridging the realms of crypto and AI to shape the future of technology and finance. What are your thoughts on this groundbreaking project?
    • Wheat Elliott Wave Analysis - 23 February 24 Function - Counter-trend Mode - Corrective Structure - Zigzag Position - Blue wave b of black wave Y Direction - Blue Wave c of black wave Y Details - Wheat bounced off the 555 support price level, as expected, to complete blue wave ‘b’ at the marked supply zone. If wave X does not get invalidated at 605 and the price breaks below 569, blue wave ‘c’ should be underway toward 530 at least.  In analyzing Wheat from an Elliott wave perspective, despite the current bounce, there remains a strong likelihood for a return to the downside to continue the bearish trend initiated since March 2022. Let's delve into our analysis: Examining the daily timeframe, the nearly two-year bearish trend has shown no significant inclination to reverse course. A textbook bearish impulse wave pattern from 1364 is evident, with the blue-labeled impulse wave decline now nearing completion of its 5th wave through an ending diagonal pattern. However, it's crucial to note that the ending diagonal 5th wave itself is in its 5th wave, indicating that Wheat may be approaching its bottom, a position not seen since the commencement of the bearish trend. While this pattern appears clear, confirmation of the completion of wave (5) of the diagonal awaits a breach above the 650 medium level from the current position. Failure to breach this level would likely lead to further decline toward the 500 medium level. Utilizing the h4 chart aids in comprehending the sub-waves of (5) and their role within the broader framework. Transitioning to the H4 timeframe, a double zigzag (wave W-X-Y in black) bearish move commenced at the 650 medium level. Wave X finalized as a triangle at 605 before breaking downside to confirm the onset of wave Y. With wave Y expected to unfold in 3-waves, blue sub-wave ‘a’ concluded at the 553 support level, followed by a bounce in 3-waves for blue sub-wave ‘b’. Subsequent movement anticipates blue sub-wave ‘c’ initiating another sharp bearish move below 553, targeting 530 or lower. Confirmation for the sub-wave ‘c’ decline has been set at 569, with an invalidation level established at 605, where wave X terminated. A breach beyond this level would necessitate a reassessment of the outlook for black wave Y. This analysis exemplifies our application of Elliott wave theory to navigate the market's intricacies. Technical Analyst : Sanmi Adeagbo Source : Tradinglounge.com get trial here!        
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