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Large FTSE & Wall St dividends tonight

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Afternoon all,

Large dividends we intend to post tonight:

·         FTSE – 23.75 - 1630 BST

·         DOW – 14.75 - 2100 BST

Breakdown from BBG attached. You can see other Index dividend adjustments on our weekly blog post here. These are posted in advance and whilst we try and be as accurate as we can, we only post them given the best available information we have at the time. 

As you all know this is a cash neutral adjustment, but heads up in case you're interested.

All the best (and for those in the UK enjoy the weather!).





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Question for anyone reading this... why or how do you “trade” these? 

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    • ok, I did put an order on just to check before I posted and it was accepted but just now trying again it's not. these came up in the search for QQQ though the boost pair were 'for closing only'. see below.  
    • EURUSD has gone into reverse big time late last night and this morning, not sure how that will resolve itself yet but other pairs are holding steady so at present I would expect this to reverse again and rally hard but I am holding my positions stop protected at BE and waiting on the sidelines for a directional resolution.  As a longer term trader I don't always have to be taking a trade, in fact that is a sure sign of over trading addiction to me. Still while all that (plus stock indices and Gold/Silver) sort themselves out I do have one market in active mode and that is EURGBP. Right now this pair, having turned at key resistance a couple of days ago and broken through the daily chart channel line (dark blue), has now retested this line twice and twice failed.  In the last few hours the second failure has been followed up with a strong bearish bounce away from that resistance zone and the whole move looks like it is conforming to a 1-2 retrace move (note you can place the 1-2 - light blue - in several places).  The retrace (1-2 brown) was shallow, which indicates the bearish move is strong, or does it? The moment of truth is approaching as price drops into a significant near term support one and there is an alternative EWT labeling (see second chart for alternate version), which is that a larger 1-2 retrace has yet to happen and when it does a deeper (more normal perhaps) retrace would ensue (maybe like 50%) for another retest of the resistance zone around the daily channel breakout point. In fact it is this alternative version that I am setting as my my most likely scenario and this would happen either if GBP eventually follows EUR down OR EUR reverses and rallies sharply.  I am setting the latter as my most likely scenario on that front but either will work for me here.  As I am Short from higher up I am ambivalent as to which scenario plays out but I will be interested to assess where this might go and to add to my Short positions.
    • Thanks for your input Caseynotes. But QQQ3 is listed on the LSE so is open right now. The price and quotes are updating regularly. I tried placing an Order as well, but it still gets rejected. The executive on the phone mentioned that due to falling liquidity of the contract, they have stopped allowing to open positions in this contract. Is there any other 3x leveraged ETF of QQQ allowed still to be traded by a retail UK investor, listed with IG.?