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ProRealtime - New features request - sort by highlight and pairs in watchlists

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Two more suggestions:

1) Sort by colour. In PRT you can highlight items in lists in different colours; like a watchlist or spread list, etc. It would be great to also be able to sort by colour highlighted - especially for large lists.

2) Ability to add a spread (or ratio) to a watchlist. I do a lot of pair trades (stock1 divided by stock2). I define these in PRT as spreads. It would be great to be able to put the spread/ratio in my watchlist. The same applies to the IG web platform. Why can you not put a ratio/spread/pair in a watchlist?




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The second suggestion is a great idea, trading PAIRS at the moment is much harder that it should be.

In fact, we could extended by having alerts on ratios, for instance:

STOCK1/STOCK2 >1.5 should pop up the classic alert.


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Hi  & ,


Thanks to you both for your input, I've passed the feedback to the ProRealTime team for their consideration. Cheers for taking the time to provide suggestions, and please keep them coming!



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Hi ,


IT-Finance have added your requests to the development list for Version 10.4, as the road map for 10.3 has been finalised. They've also asked me to send their thanks for excellent improvement ideas you continue to contribute.



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Thanks . As an idea, with 10.4, maybe they should focus a bit on productivity/ease of use.


As an example, every time that you want to change the way that price is displayed, it takes 4 clicks (spanner->Style->choose style->close dialog). Why not make these available as toolbar buttons? Or, put the most common ones in each price chart's "header" section?


Similarly, to delete an indicator takes 4 clicks. Why? Programs such as Amibroker only needs 2; right click the indicator at the top where all displayed indicators are listed, and select delete.


For occasional/casual use I guess PRT is fine, but as soon as you start using it to develop and test strategies, etc. it is very cumbersome and slow to use.


Before I forget, here' s another one: Code Snippets. Why not allow users to save snippets of code (not functions) in their own library/sections? For example,  snippets of code for different types of stops, for defining position size (like Van Tharpe), etc, etc. Currently, you have to maintain all of these outside of PRT.











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