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Problem with the platform



Good day,
I wrote you several e-mails, wrote on your Twitter account, but you either do not understand what I am writing to you, or do not look at the attached files, or just ignore my questions.

Thursday 05.09.2019 there was a malfunction in the trading platform. Just a moment after I managed to open a position on EUR / JPY.

The position was opened 05.09.2019 at 13:36, 118,076. I did not have time to set Stop-Loss, and Limit was set absurdly high. I couldn't change anything until the problem was fixed.

Next I will describe the screenshots, important places will be highlighted.

The first screenshot shows that I do not have any open positions. However, in the upper panel clearly shows that I have an open position. I have a margin of 332.98 euros, profit/loss is -0.42 euros and so on. In the lower right corner of the screen you can see the date.

The second screenshot shows an empty chart.

Then I couldn't log in anymore, see the third screenshot.

After cca 4 hours, I was able to log in. This time the situation is diametrically opposite. In the fourth screenshot on the top panel shows that there is no active position, although I did not close my position. I couldn't do it physically. But in the tab "Positions" it is still open.

On the chart the is same situation, see the fifth screenshot.

See the fifth screenshot. When trying to close a position, a message appeared: No open position available to close. You have requested a closing transaction but either you have no open position in that market, or the size is greater than your existing positions.

I remind you that I was NOT physically ABLE to close it and to change.

The system still worked poorly, and although I could not close the old position, I somehow managed to open another one. I want to note that it takes 333 euros to open a position, although at that time my account was not much more than 500 euros.
See the sixth screenshot.

The seventh screenshot shows that both positions coexist perfectly.

Also on the seventh screenshot you can see that the original position does not add up with the new one.

Just in case, on the eighth screenshot I photographed the conditions of opening a position.

After 4 days, Monday 09.09.2019 at 06:35 I received an e-mail that all the issues were resolved. But my questions remained unanswered.

Going into the system, I found that the problems have not disappeared, only now I had opened TWO REAL positions. See the ninth screenshot.

Once again, I draw your attention to the fact that opening TWO positions requires 666 euros margin, although I had 500 euros in my account. This is technically impossible, but for some reason the system allowed it to be done.

The tenth screenshot shows both open positions on the "Positions" tab.

Also the tenth screenshot shows that the date of opening position was changed from 05.09.2019 13:36 to 07.09.2019 11:34. 07.09.2019 was Saturday, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to open or close positions on currency pairs on Saturday in the first place. Secondly, falsification of the date and time of opening position is a fraud and I will definitely write about it to the appropriate authorities.

I couldn't use your system during the crash, and I couldn't make money = I was losing money. You haven't answered any of my questions. You keep saying that the system works fine. You're falsifying my positions. What are we going to do in this situation?











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