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Platform – Enormous Stop Limit

Guest Artemus


Guest Artemus

Hi All,


I am using IG (UAE) for a week until recently my stop guaranteed becomes enormously out of proportion.

It is not enabling me to trade because the stop guaranteed sometimes is beyond my balance making it insufficient.


Please see attachment. 


If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you. 



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I've seen the same thing regularly. IG varies guaranteed stops (points away) by enormous amounts at times when there is significant news or high volatility. I have seen this rise to as much as 890 points. 

It is strange that a guaranteed stops need to be so large. It would take a catastrophic event of global proportions to need protection on a few hundred points. In effect - at such times - a guaranteed stop becomes useless as it would require far more margin than a 'normal' stop. 

I'd be interested to learn what IG's rationale and logic is behind such large guaranteed stops. 

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