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Very Bad start!



Opened an account last week. Went to deposit funds today in order to trade - now tried no less than 5 times to deposit - each time "unexpected error" appears making it impossible to lodge funds. Been on hold with the helpline for 45 mins (no response) and the live chat (ditto). Extremely unimpressed!! Anyone else having problems today??? 

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Does IG actually have a customer support function, or is it just a "keep them holding on the end of a phone for eternity service"??? Now been on the helpline since 8am this morning. The most  dreadful customer service I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.   

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Hi there, I have been with IG for exactly 10 years.

I actually find there services to be very good. You have to bear in mind that during extremely volatile times, you can't expect the same level of customer service. It's like trying to identify empty ICU beds when millions are infected by the Covid19 at the same time. No company, regardless of domain, has that kind of capacity, unless, of course, your issue can be resolved through a chatbot.

I experienced the same kind of login issues as you did, but having experienced the 08 market crash, I know how the same very problem is experienced by literally all other CFD providers. So this is not an isolated event. 

I would be happy to hear from you where you find the service to be better than that of IG. A genuine question. 


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Guest waqas

i am thinking to open an account but so far i only note bad experience from customer service reviews oanda is not supported in my country so i am stuck.... even on demo account i am not able to place entry trades even keeps giving me requote....

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