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Avoid to resize chart

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Hi to anybody who finds this old question.  I'm new here, and to trading in general.  I found this question as I needed to have my chart screens stop shuffling around and resizing - it's been driving me crazy.

I don't have any perfect answer (yet) but I did find this so far:

Charts like to auto resize top to bottom often when I trade fast (scalping) which was too distracting.  To stop that I found you need to resize the height of the chart - move your mouse point to anywhere on the far right where the current levels are shown.  Hold your left button down (on a laptop) or press/hold the screen (on anything with touchscreen) and move up or down - you only need to move it a tiny bit and it shuts off the height resizing activity.  The whole chart will still move up and down automatically as levels change, but it 'should' stop stretching like crazy.

If you make any other changes like zooming in/out or jumping to latest level (the icon to the right of the zoom buttons), or changing times/dates you'll need to do this resize thing again, but for me it's mad a huge difference as I couldn't concentrate with it bouncing around.

I also found it matters what type o device you're using (that may be very common knowledge to others but I didn't know it).  Touch screen android devices behave very differently to Windows (any versions), and browsers also do things differently.  I use both android and Windows,  with Firefox Portable on Windows XP & 7 and Search browser on android.  I know Chrome is the recommended browser, but I find Firefox Portable so much faster and friendly.

Anyway,  I've typed too much now,  I hope the info above helps somebody in some way.

Regards to all,  and happy trading !

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