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Labs still in use? Stop question

Guest GuildfordStevey


Guest GuildfordStevey

Hi, One of the main reasons I wanted to use IG is because of the APIs. Are you still supporting these going forward? If not I'll need to replatform sooner rather than later.
The reason I ask is that I registered to post in the community a few months ago and thats still waiting approval. Also in the last month your search functionality now displays an error page, and has been that way for a number of weeks.

I've just tried using the contact form and thats also throwing an error when you submit.

If you are still supporting, is there another way I can ask questions around your API and platform if the community is no longer in use?
The main question I have at the moment is around the markets API which has a minNormalStopOrLimitDistance property. This seems to change throughout the day on your site for a market, but not in the API result, eg for FTSE it always returns 4 points, but at some points later in the day it increases to 6 on the site, but not in the API, so fails when I use this to place a deal. Is there something else I should be using to calculate minimum stop?

Any help you can provide would be great.

Many Thanks


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